According to a poll released on this date in 2012 by Blue White Future (Atid Kachol Lavan), a movement co-founded by Ami Ayalon, the former director of Israel’s Shin Bet, nearly half of Israeli Jews support a unilateral withdrawal from large sections of the Palestinian territories based on the pre-1967 borders. Blue White Future believes it to be “imperative that Israel disassociates from the Palestinians in order for a two-people solution to be attained,” says Gilead Sher, a former Israeli negotiator who was another of the organization’s co-founders. “In the case it is not attained throughout negotiations, Israel should be prepared to do it on its own … in order to have the boundaries of the State of Israel encompass a Jewish democracy.” The poll found that 58 percent of Jewish Israelis would support fixed borders along the route of the West Bank security barrier alongside a demilitarized Palestinian state; that 62 percent support the principle of “two states for two peoples;” and that younger Israelis are more rightwing on these issues than those aged 50 and above.

“The clock is ticking . . .The status quo is dangerous, it is good for extremes.” —Ami Ayalon