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Weekly Roundup - 9/27/22

This week: A 1989 letter from Edward Said calls on American-Jewish intellectuals to take a stand against Israel’s repression of Palestinians, published for the first time alongside introductions from Nubar Hovsepian and Peter Beinart. Joshua Leifer examines the surging popularity of Kahanist Knesset member Itamar Ben-Gvir. The Jewish Currents staff has a roundtable discussion on The Rehearsal. And from our Summer 2022 issue, Yiyun Li reviews the Belarusian novel Alindarka’s Children.

From the newsletter, Vinson Cunningham interviews Collier Meyerson about her podcast on the Crown Heights riot, and Alex Kane reports on Israel’s targeting of a Palestinian human rights lawyer.

One last thing: Shana Tova to you all!

An Open Letter to American-Jewish Intellectuals
In an unpublished 1989 letter, Palestinian American scholar Edward Said calls on his Jewish counterparts to take a stance against Israel’s abuses of Palestinians.
Edward W. Said
The Embattled Edward Said
Facing attacks on multiple fronts, Said nevertheless continued to challenge Israel’s monopoly on representations of Palestine.
Nubar Hovsepian
Answering Said’s Call
While discourse on Israel-Palestine has shifted for the better since 1989, meeting Said’s challenge will require American Jewish intellectuals to recognize that Palestinian equality and Jewish safety are ultimately intertwined.
Peter Beinart
Kahanism’s Raucous Return

Knesset member Itamar Ben-Gvir, a follower of far-right ideologue Meir Kahane, is surging in popularity on the promise of realizing ideas like the forced expulsion of Palestinians and leftists.

Joshua Leifer
Playing Jewish

The Jewish Currents staff discusses Nathan Fielder’s The Rehearsal.

Jewish Currents
Second Language

The Belarusian novel Alindarka’s Children, recently translated into Scots and English, considers the political stakes of linguistic inequity.

Yiyun Li
A Lingering Division

More than three decades after the Crown Heights riot, the neighborhood’s Hasidic and Caribbean communities are still haunted.

Vinson Cunningham
Israel’s Repressive Toolkit Ensnares a Palestinian Human Rights Lawyer

Salah Hammouri has been jailed without trial for six months. If he’s ever released, he also faces deportation.

Alex Kane