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Weekly Roundup - 10/23/23

This week: Amid Israel’s ongoing bombardment, three Palestinians in the Gaza Strip describe the horrors they are living through and outline their visions for a more equitable future. And in four companion dispatches from the occupied West Bank, Palestinians recount how Israeli soldiers and settlers are using the fog of war to violently dispossess them. In a new report, fellow Jonathan Shamir discusses how authorities are likewise retaliating against Gazan workers living in Israel in the aftermath of October 7th.

In the US, senior reporter Alex Kane traces the intensifying backlash against pro-Palestine speech, while associate editor Mari Cohen reveals how such repression is reaching the media, with Palestinian analysts being sidelined by mainstream networks.

We are also sending you a poem by Hala Alyan, “Naturalized,” introduced by culture editor Claire Schwartz.

Dispatches from Gaza
Three Palestinians describe life under constant Israeli bombardment—and lay out their visions for liberation.
Mohammed Zraiy, Khalil Abu Yahia, and Rania Hussein
Dispatches from the West Bank
In the West Bank, violence and dispossession intensify as the line between settler and soldier is fast disappearing.
Mustafa, Luna, Mariam, Ghassan Najjar, and Sabri
Gazan Workers Stuck in Purgatory After Israel Revokes Permits
In what human rights groups call “a prohibited act of vengeance,” Israel has stripped Gazan workers of their legal status, detaining many without trial.
Jonathan Shamir
A “McCarthyite Backlash” Against Pro-Palestine Speech
From university disciplinary hearings to death threats, supporters of Palestinian rights are facing a wave of reprisals.
Alex Kane
Major News Networks Sideline Palestinian Analysts
Leading Palestinian commentators describe canceled appearances and segments pulled from CBS and CNN shows.
Mari Cohen
“Here’s your math. Here’s your hot take. / That number isn’t a number. / That number is a first word, a nickname, a birthday song in June.”
Hala Alyan