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Weekly Roundup - 9/26/23

This week: In a new op-ed, editor-at-large Peter Beinart and contributor George Bisharat urge the Palestinian solidarity movement to use the death of the two-state solution as an opportunity to address Jews directly.

For our forthcoming Fall issue, senior reporter Alex Kane delves into how President Joe Biden’s pedestrian policy on Israel/Palestine, lagging behind the accelerating repression on the ground, has served to harden a status quo of apartheid.

Incarcerated writer Raymond Williams explains how the prison system’s privileging of the “family” punishes prisoners like him who grew up in foster care. And we are sharing a new poem by Momtaza Mehri, “By Such Honorifics, You Attempt to Summon the Old Country You Have Never Seen,” introduced by culture editor Claire Schwartz.

In honor of striking autoworkers’ demand of 32 hours of work with 40 hours of pay, we are sending you Avi Garelick’s essay (with illustrations by Solomon Brager) on how, together, unions and rabbis knocked a day off the working week in 1926.

On Addressing Jews
The death of the two-state paradigm provides an opportunity for the Palestinian national movement to once again speak explicitly to Jews.
Peter Beinart and George Bisharat
“Biden’s Legacy Will Be Apartheid”
President Biden has answered Prime Minister Netanyahu’s extremist government with only the mildest of rebukes. Critics say he is failing to meet the moment.
Alex Kane
When Prisons Privilege Family Ties, Who Gets Left Behind?
Prisons sometimes temper their isolating nature by connecting prisoners to family, but State Raised individuals are still excluded.
Raymond Williams
By Such Honorifics, You Attempt to Summon the Old Country You Have Never Seen
“Chosen affliction / Spilt milk / Pool of amnesia / Extreme sport / Terminal psychodrama”
Momtaza Mehri

From the Archive

Jewish Currents articles to revisit this week

Illustrated Essay
The Fight for the Sabbath
The partnership between rabbis and labor that delivered the two-day weekend.
Avi Garelick