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Weekly Roundup - 9/12/22

This week: In an essay from our Summer 2022 Issue, hannah baer examines the religious roots of mental healthcare. Claire Schwartz reviews Solmaz Sharif’s new poetry collection Customs.

From the newsletter, Shane Burley interviews Antony Lerman about his new book on how Israel has redefined antisemitism, and Alex Kane reports on the IDF’s new open-fire regulations. Plus, in the latest episode of our staff podcast, On the Nose, Arielle Angel interviews her mother, Jeri Cohen, a co-founder of the first abortion fund in South Florida.

Therapy Was Never Secular
Reclaiming the religious roots of mental healthcare.
hannah baer
Terms of Entry

Solmaz Sharif’s Customs probes the boundaries of the social to imagine a we on revolution’s other side.

Claire Schwartz
Interrogating the “New Antisemitism”
In a new book, Antony Lerman demonstrates how Israel and its advocates have redefined antisemitism to include all criticism of the Jewish State.
Shane Burley
How the IDF Ignores Its Own Rules of Engagement
Experts say revising the IDF’s open-fire regulations may accomplish little in a context where soldiers often ignore existing limits.
Alex Kane
Mom Save America

Arielle Angel talks with her mother, Jeri Cohen, co-founder of the Women’s Emergency Network, the first abortion fund in South Florida.