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Weekly Roundup - 9/18/23

This week: In the newsletter, senior reporter Alex Kane delves into how Israel’s far-right government is capitalizing on the recent street fighting among Eritrean migrants to accelerate its agenda against asylum seekers.

In the aftermath of US outcry over Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s antisemitic remarks, Dana El Kurd explains how American intervention is what propped up Abbas in the first place. And in our On The Nose podcast, managing editor Nathan Goldman talks to three members of SVARA’s Teshuva-Writing Collective about reimagining halakha for trans life.

On the 30th anniversary of the Oslo Accords, we’re sending you Jess Rohan’s story on the failure of the “dialogue” approach at the Seeds of Peace camp, which came to encapsulate the failed peace process as a whole. And in light of the Israeli Supreme Court’s historic hearing on the abolition of the reasonableness standard last Tuesday, we’re sending you contributing writer Elisheva Goldberg’s recent explainer on the law.

An Anti-Migrant Offensive In Israel
Recent police violence against Israel’s Eritrean minority is a window into the government’s escalating hostility towards non-Jewish immigrants.
Alex Kane
Abbas Is America’s Man
American condemnations of the PA president’s antisemitism gloss over the US’s role in propping up his authoritarian rule.
Dana El Kurd
Trans Halakha

Nathan Goldman talks to three members of SVARA's Teshuva-Writing Collective-Laynie Soloman, Alyx Bernstein, and Rabbi Xava de Cordova-about reimagining halakha for trans life.

From the Archive

Jewish Currents article to revisit this week

All Talk
The coexistence camp Seeds of Peace prides itself on bringing Israeli and Palestinian teenagers into a fruitful dialogue process. But alumni and staff now say that the model does more harm than good.
Jess Rohan
Abolishing Israel’s Reasonableness Standard: An Explainer
The Knesset just passed the first step in the controversial judicial overhaul plan. What does it mean and what happens next?
Elisheva Goldberg

Before you go: We send out quarterly round-ups of the letters to the editor we receive about our work, all of which you can find on our Letters page. However, in last week’s round-up, we missed a letter responding to Caroline Morganti’s June 29th piece, “Recent Polls of US Jews Reflect Polarized Community,” where reader Joel Beinin comments on the surprising results of polls asking Portland Jews whether they identify as Zionists. The letter can be found at this link; we encourage you to read it.