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Weekly Roundup - 9/11/23

This week: From the Spring issue, we bring you the celebrated Argentine writer Daniel Guebel’s short story “The Theologian of the Abyss,” introduced and translated from the Spanish by Jessica Sequeira.

For the newsletter, contributing editor Joshua Leifer reports from Area C of the West Bank, where he spoke to Palestinians fleeing their ancestral lands due to settler violence. For the 50th anniversary of the coup in Chile, contributing writer Mitchell Abidor revisits the revolutionary cinema of Patricio Guzmán. And our On The Nose podcast lives up to its name with a conversation between editor-in-chief Arielle Angel, contributing writer Rebecca Pierce, theater critic Alisa Solomon, and writer Jody Rosen about the controversy over Bradley Cooper’s prosthetic nose.

This week, protestors against Atlanta’s Cop City were indicted on racketeering charges; to help you better understand their struggle, we’re sending you a podcast conversation culture editor Claire Schwartz had with anti-carceral organizers Micah Herskind, Keyanna Jones, and Josie Duffy Rice.

The Theologian of the Abyss
“He claimed that God did not exist, and if He did exist, must be an idiot.”
Daniel Guebel
The End of Widady
Settler attacks are rapidly depopulating Palestinian communities in Area C of the West Bank.
Joshua Leifer
Chile’s Documentarian of Dashed Dreams
Fifty years after a coup ended Chile’s socialist experiment, the films of Patricio Guzmán—now on view in a New York retrospective—offer a guide to the era and its long shadow.
Mitchell Abidor

Arielle Angel talks to Rebecca Pierce, Jody Rosen, and Alisa Solomon about Bradley Cooper's turn as Leonard Bernstein—wearing a prosthetic nose.

From the Archive

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The Struggle to Stop Cop City