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Weekly Roundup - 8/28/23

This week: In the Spring issue installment of our Office Hours column, contributor Elena Stein talks to Shatzi Weisberger (z“l), the People’s Bubbie, about a lifetime of organizing and the art of dying. For the the newsletter, contributor Sophia Goodfriend explores how Israeli TikTok has become a reservoir for extremist settler ideology. And critic Jil Steinhauer introduces a few excerpts from the 1972 anthology Tits and Clits, one of the first underground comix devoted to women’s bodies and sexuality.

In light of MK Itamar Ben-Gvir’s flippant monologue about Israeli apartheid going viral, we’re sending you contributing editor Joshua Leifer’s profile on the Kahanist minister’s rise to power.

Office Hours
Shatzi Weisberger
“Dying is a very mysterious thing, and I want to experience it.”
Elena Stein
Israel’s TikTok Extremists
Far-right content has taken Israeli TikTok by storm, rallying the country’s youth in support of Jewish supremacy.
Sophia Goodfriend
“To Hell with This Depressing Atmosphere”
Three comics from Tits & Clits, the most risqué of the second wave’s underground women’s anthologies
Jillian Steinhauer

From the Archive

Jewish Currents articles to revisit this week

Kahanism’s Raucous Return
Knesset member Itamar Ben-Gvir, a follower of far-right ideologue Meir Kahane, is surging in popularity on the promise of realizing ideas like the forced expulsion of Palestinians and leftists.
Joshua Leifer