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Weekly Roundup - 8/22/22

This week: From the newsletter, Alex Kane reports on what a Pentagon debate over whether to downgrade the rank of the US Security Coordinator says about Biden’s policy toward the Palestinian Authority. And Helen Betya Rubinstein interviews Linda Kinstler about her new book on the posthumous trial of a Nazi collaborator in Latvia, Come to This Court and Cry: How the Holocaust Ends.

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What a Bureaucratic Pentagon Decision Says About Biden’s Palestine Policy
By keeping the US Security Coordinator’s military rank the same, Biden doubled down on the pre-Trump status quo: supporting the Palestinian Authority, but doing little to end Israel’s occupation.
Alex Kane
An Unsolvable Rubik’s Cube
Linda Kinstler’s new book explores the posthumous trial of a Latvian Nazi collaborator and the void at the heart of Holocaust memory.
Helen Betya Rubinstein