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Weekly Roundup - 8/14/23

This week: For our Spring issue, contributing writer Jess Bergman explores “the tangle of affection and resentment” at the root of desire in Rona Jaffe’s oeuvre. And from the newsletter, senior reporter Alex Kane examines the changing conversation around US aid to Israel.

This week, to commemorate the fourth anniversary of singer-songwriter and poet David Berman’s death, we’re sending you editor-in-chief Arielle Angel and managing editor Nathan Goldman’s 2019 obituary, which considers the Jewishness of Berman’s work.

Family Ties
For novelist Rona Jaffe, the drive for independence was inculcated in the intimate sphere of the family, where care could look an awful lot like coercion.
Jess Bergman
The New Debate Over Aid to Israel
Once a consensus position, US funding of Israel now has new detractors from the heart of the political establishment.
Alex Kane

From the Archive

Jewish Currents articles to revisit this week

Kaddish for David Berman
His albums took up the grand project of Jewishness, to which he came honestly: wrestling with God, playing the stranger.
Arielle Angel and Nathan Goldman