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Weekly Roundup - 8/7/23

This week: For our Spring issue, Peter Kuras profiles Germany’s anti-antisemitism bureaucracy, which has taken to disciplining the state’s Jewish critics as well as suppressing Palestinian speech in the name of fighting antisemitism.

From the newsletter, contributing writer Elisheva Goldberg explains the meaning of Israel’s reasonableness standard, why the Knesset moved to dismantle it, and what could come next in the country’s judicial overhaul. And operations manager Cynthia Friedman explores climate grief, Tisha B’Av, and what it means to love the world as it slips away.

Plus, in a new episode of our podcast, On The Nose, editor-in-chief Arielle Angel talks to Jewish Currents Council members Judee Rosenbaum and Mitchell Silver about Kinderland, the famed Jewish socialist summer camp that celebrates its centennial this year.

The Strange Logic of Germany’s Antisemitism Bureaucrats
An army of antisemitism commissioners was supposed to help Germany atone for its past. Critics say it is evidence of a memory effort gone haywire.
Peter Kuras
Abolishing Israel’s Reasonableness Standard: An Explainer
The Knesset just passed the first step in the controversial judicial overhaul plan. What does it mean and what happens next?
Elisheva Goldberg
To Grieve the World Like a Dying Friend
What does it mean to build toward a future on a planet in the midst of collapse?
Cynthia Friedman
Camp Kinderland at 100

Judee Rosenbaum and Mitchell Silver talk to Arielle Angel about the storied summer camp, founded by Jewish unionists in 1923.