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Weekly Roundup - 7/31/23

This week: For our Spring issue, Andrew Silverstein investigates how Holocaust memorials offer a way to circumvent Spain’s memory politics gridlock. Plus, culture editor Claire Schwartz introduces two poems by Joyce Mansour.

For the newsletter, foreign policy expert Matthew Duss explains the nostalgia act that was Israeli President Isaac Herzog’s recent US visit. And contributing writer Raphael Magarik talks to Jennifer Lynn Kelly, author of book Invited to Witness, about how tourism can present new opportunities for political solidarity in Israel/Palestine.

In light of this week’s congressional hearing on newly public evidence of UFOs, we’re sending you a 2022 podcast where we discusses The X-Files, senior editor Ari Brostoff’s debut essay collection, and whether or not aliens are real.

Step by Step
Can Holocaust remembrance stones break Spain’s “Pact of Silence” around its civil war?
Andrew Silverstein
Two Poems
“Eager for big words the woman whispered / Do you still love me / Do you see the death squads of tradition”
Joyce Mansour
Herzog’s Lullaby
The Biden administration indulges the Israeli President’s nostalgia act even as the promise of a true democracy slips away in Israel/Palestine.
Matthew Duss
Can Tourism Be Liberatory?

In Invited to Witness, scholar Jennifer Lynn Kelly discusses the political possibilities of Palestinian solidarity tourism.

Raphael Magarik

From the Archive

Jewish Currents articles to revisit this week

I Want to Believe

Editor-in-chief Arielle Angel and managing editor Nathan Goldman talk to senior editor Ari M. Brostoff about their debut essay collection Missing Time and the political potential of The X-Files.