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Weekly Roundup - 7/18/22

This week: Now online from the Soviet Issue, George Prigov interviews Valeriya Nakshun about the Juhuri, or “Mountain Jews,” of the Eastern Caucasus. Peter Beinart analyzes how the Israel lobby is using unprecedented amounts of corporate money to oppose progressives on a wide range of issues.

Plus, from the newsletter, Naftuli Moster holds New York progressive politicians accountable for giving in to pressure from Haredi communal leaders instead of supporting the right to a basic education, while Alex Kane reports on how the family of the slain Palestinian American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh is demanding justice from the Biden administration. And in the latest episode of our staff podcast, On the Nose, Ari Brostoff speaks with representatives of tenant unions across the United States.

Office Hours
Office Hours: Valeriya Nakshun
“If we focus on ourselves without making connections to a larger culture, our culture won’t survive.”
George Prigov
The Israel Lobby’s New Campaign Playbook
Israel advocacy groups have developed strategies to raise huge sums for their candidates by appealing to corporate interests.
Peter Beinart
Progressives Have Abandoned Haredi Children
Under pressure from communal leaders, left-wing Democrats in New York have failed to defend the right to a secular education.
Naftuli Moster
“We Want Accountability”
As Biden visits Israel, the slain Palestinian American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh’s family pushes for justice.
Alex Kane
¡Inquilinos Unidos, Jamás Serán Vencidos!

Ari Brostoff speaks with Kenia Alcocer, of the Los Angeles Tenants Union; Claire Spiehler, of the Houston Tenants Union; and Danya Martinez-Spider, of the West River Tenants Union in South Dakota.