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Weekly Roundup - 7/10/23

This week: For our Spring issue Responsa, the Jewish Currents editorial team considers how Germany’s relentlessly pro-Israel Holocaust memory culture reinscribes German nationalism while evacuating Jewishness—and Palestinianness—of meaning. And a comic by Jenny Lesser Holman captures a conversation with her father about Jewish identity.

In a new episode of our podcast, On the Nose, executive editor Nora Caplan-Bricker and news editor Aparna Gopalan are joined by Middle East Eye senior reporter Azad Essa to talk about the the India–Israel alliance and the findings from Gopalan’s explosive report on the Hindu nationalists using the pro-Israel playbook.

In light of the IDF’s invasion of Jenin this week, we’re sending you senior reporter Alex Kane’s February explainer on the Israeli army’s recent series of deadly raids in the occupied West Bank.

Bad Memory
Germany is acclaimed for its efforts to atone for the Holocaust. But its method of repudiating the past has become a tool of exclusion.
Are You Sure You Want To Move There?
A car ride conversation on Jewish identity
Jenny Lesser Holman
What Indian Ethnonationalists Learned From Israel Advocates

Aparna Gopalan, Azad Essa, and Nora Caplan-Bricker discuss how the hasbara playbook offers a template for defenders of supremacist politics everywhere.

From the Archive

Jewish Currents articles to revisit this week

Israel’s Raids on Palestinian Cities: An Explainer
A closer look at the IDF operations that are intensifying violence in Israel/Palestine.
Alex Kane