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Weekly Roundup - 7/3/23

This week: In a bombshell deep dive from our spring issue, news editor Aparna Gopalan explores how right-wing Hindu groups have learned, via American Israel-advocacy outfits, how to shield India’s ethnonationalist turn from criticism. In a new report, Caroline Morganti examines the results of new survey questions posed to American Jews on their attitudes towards Israel, which suggest a split in the community. For the newsletter, senior reporter Alex Kane speaks with Hagar Shezaf, Haaretz’s West Bank correspondent, about the Israeli government’s role in escalating settler violence.

In light of recent Supreme Court rulings rolling back affirmative action and Biden’s student debt relief program, we’re sending you the Chevruta column from our Rest issue, in which members of the Debt Collective and rabbinical student Allen Lipson explore the question of when you can refuse to pay a debt, as well as a column by contributing editor Dylan Saba on reimagining the constitution as the Supreme Court continues to dismantle the Reconstruction amendments.
The Hindu Nationalists Using the Pro-Israel Playbook
Inspired by Jewish groups that cast criticism of Israel as antisemitism, Hindu American organizations are advancing a concept of “Hinduphobia” that puts India beyond reproach.
Aparna Gopalan
Recent Polls of US Jews Reflect Polarized Community
Trying to keep up with shifting opinion on Israel/Palestine, surveys of American Jews are beginning to ask new questions.
Caroline Morganti
Under a Settler Government, Violence Grows
Haaretz’s West Bank correspondent Hagar Shezaf discusses why settler attacks on Palestinians are becoming bolder.
Alex Kane

From the Archive

Jewish Currents articles to revisit this week

What Is Debt and When Can We Refuse to Pay?
An investigation through Jewish text.
Allen Lipson
The Long Counterrevolution
Challenging the Supreme Court’s rollback of basic rights demands a radical new constitutional vision.
Dylan Saba