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Weekly Roundup - 6/6/22

This week: In a scoop, Isaac Scher reports on a letter to the State Department signed by 15 House Democrats calling for Israel to halt forced expulsions of Palestinians from Masafer Yatta. Avi Steinberg talks to the feminist writer and organizer Meredith Tax about her reissued classic, The Rising of the Women.

Plus, from the newsletter, Isaac Scher interviews reporter Daniel Marans about a close House Democratic primary in Texas and the role played by the Israel lobby in possibly swinging it toward the establishment candidate. And Aviva Stahl has a dispatch from a Jewish wedding at a women’s prison in New Jersey.

Progressive Lawmakers Demand Stop to Israeli “War Crime” in Masafer Yatta
In a letter to the Secretary of State, 15 House Democrats urged the administration to intervene against the expulsion of Palestinians from West Bank villages.
Isaac Scher
Learning in the Dark

Feminist writer and organizer Meredith Tax on her reissued classic The Rising of the Women, and the long, entangled histories of women’s movements and labor struggles.

Avi Steinberg
Balancing the Scales
How much did AIPAC affect a close Democratic primary in Texas?
Isaac Scher
A Historic Jewish Wedding in a New Jersey Women’s Prison
Two brides tie the knot with human volunteers acting as chuppah poles
Aviva Stahl