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Weekly Roundup - 6/26/23

This week: Senior reporter Alex Kane speaks with CUNY Law commencement speaker Fatima Mohammed, whose address criticizing Israel drew national scrutiny. News editor Aparna Gopalan examines how Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Washington whitewashes the Hindu nationalist leader’s record on human rights.

And in a new episode of On the Nose, culture editor Claire Schwartz speaks with Atlanta-based activists and writers about the movement to stop the construction of a massive police training center on Weelaunee Forest land.

From the archive, we’re sending you three pieces related to this week’s news and coverage: a manifesto from the Fayer Collective based on their efforts to defend the Atlanta forest; Carol Schaeffer’s 2019 report on the deepening alliance between India and Israel; and Kyle Carrero Lopez’s poem about Israeli pinkwashing from last year’s Pride Month, “Gay Travel (or Music Makes the People Come Together).”

Fatima Mohammed Has No Regrets
The CUNY Law graduate, who delivered a commencement address criticizing Israel, gives her first interview since becoming the target of a national smear campaign.
Alex Kane
The US Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Modi
In pursuing a strategic alliance with India’s Hindu nationalist prime minister, Biden has betrayed his promises to uphold human rights.
Aparna Gopalan
The Struggle to Stop Cop City

Micah Herskind, Keyanna Jones, and Josie Duffy Rice join Claire Schwartz from Atlanta to talk about the fight to prevent the destruction of the Weelaunee Forest and the construction of the US’s largest police training center.

From the Archive

Jewish Currents articles to revisit this week

Shmita Means Total Destroy
A manifesto from the threatened Atlanta forest
Fayer Collective
Gods, Guns, and Country
Trade in weapons and ultra-nationalist ideas is driving an expanding India–­­Israel alliance.
Carol Schaeffer
Gay Travel (or Music Makes the People Come Together)
“B slid through security checkpoint / after security checkpoint, // each playing a different era of Madonna.”
Kyle Carrero Lopez