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Weekly Roundup - 6/12/23

This week: In a new report, Sarah Rosen and Jewish Currents fellow Dahlia Krutkovich investigate how Ronen Shoval, former head of Israeli ultra-nationalist group Im Tirtzu, ended up teaching at Princeton University.

For the newsletter, contributing editor Joshua Leifer explains Netanhayu’s use of the “salami method,” in which democratic norms are incrementally whittled down.

And in a new episode of our podcast, On the Nose, senior reporter Alex Kane talks with Palestinian journalist and activist Basel Adra about Masafer Yatta, a region of rural hamlets in the south of the occupied West Bank, whose residents risk eviction.

The Israeli Far Right’s Man in Princeton
How did Im Tirtzu founder Ronen Shoval end up promoting Israel’s judicial overhaul at one of the US’s most prestigious universities?
Dahlia Krutkovich and Sarah Rosen
Netanyahu’s Salami Method
Using a classic authoritarian strategy, the Israeli right has quashed dissent and entrenched the occupation slice by slice.
Joshua Leifer
The Plight of Masafer Yatta

Alex Kane talks to Palestinian journalist Basel Adra about the West Bank hamlets, where over 1,000 Palestinians live in fear of being expelled by Israel.