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Weekly Roundup - 4/25

This week: Kay Gabriel analyzes the significance of Eric Adams’s brand of carceral politics for the left’s struggle for prison abolition. Michael Casper reviews the Jewish Museum’s new exhibit on the filmmaker Jonas Mekas and its failure to engage with his activities during the Holocaust. Arielle Isack describes her experience at a Seder on Rikers Island.

Plus, from the Soviet Issue, Mark Krotov satirizes a number of unfortunate trends in the publishing industry. From the newsletter, Isaac Scher reports on the contested vote over whether Princeton should divest from Caterpillar over its supplying of equipment used by Israel to demolish Palestinian homes. And on the latest episode of our staff podcast, On the Nose, Peter Beinart talks with Dana El Kurd and Daniel Seidemann about the latest surge of violence in Israel/Palestine.

Eric Adams’s Moral Panics
To defeat a politics of right-wing reaction organized around criminalization, the left needs to put real power behind the principle of abolition.
Kay Gabriel
World War II Revisionism at the Jewish Museum
A new exhibition about Jonas Mekas was an opportunity to confront his wartime record. Instead, it tells a familiar story.
Michael Casper
A Seder on Rikers
On celebrating freedom with the incarcerated
Arielle Isack
Forthcoming Titles from Kindling Media
Kindling Media is delighted to announce the launch of a publishing imprint dedicated to the promotion of new writing by and for the Soviet diaspora.
Mark Krotov
Princeton Students Voted to Boycott Machinery Used by Israel. Proponents of Israel Are Countering with Misinformation.
On and off campus, advocates for Israel have publicized falsehoods about the vote.
Isaac Scher
A Surge of Violence in Israel/Palestine

On this episode, Editor-at-Large Peter Beinart speaks with political scientist Dana El Kurd and attorney Daniel Seidemann about why violence is rising now, shifting Palestinian public opinion on violent and nonviolent resistance, and what the coming weeks may bring.