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Weekly Roundup - 4/18

This week: An excerpted introduction from the Black Panthers Haggadah, written by Reuven Abergel and translated from the Hebrew by Itamar Haritan. From the Soviet Issue, Eli Rubin’s essay on the Soviet-era Yiddish Chabadnik writer Avrohom Eliyohu Plotkin. And a poem by Mosab Abu Toha, introduced by Claire Schwartz.

Plus, from the newsletter, Isaac Scher writes about the recent wave of Palestinian violence in the context of the delegitimization of BDS, and David Klion interviews journalist Nick Pinto about New York Mayor Eric Adams’s efforts to increase policing on the subway system.

Darkness in the Holy Land
An introduction to the Haggadah of the Black Panthers in Israel.
Reuven Abergel
The Soul of the Worker
A mid-century Chabad writer protests the “shidduch” between socialism and secularism.
Eli Rubin
Palestinian Painter
“He’s painting a new house, / even a new garden. / Without shrapnel, / without twisted metal beams”
Mosab Abu Toha
The End of Nonviolent Resistance
The recent wave of Palestinian attacks on Israelis come as other options have been delegitimized.
Isaac Scher
The Failure of Subway Policing
Eric Adams’s cop-centric approach isn’t likely to make New Yorkers safer
David Klion