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Weekly Roundup - 4/3/23

This week: From the Rest issue, Liz Bowen profiles artist, theorist, and activist Johanna Hedva, whose work honors the complexities of disabled time. In a new report, senior reporter Alex Kane breaks the story of congressional progressives’ letter urging Biden’s State Department to investigate whether Israel is using American weapons to commit human rights abuses against Palestinians. Plus, culture editor Claire Schwartz introduces Andrea Cohen’s poem “Adjacent.”

From the newsletter, Alex Kane talks to +972 Magazine editor Edo Konrad about the popular protest movement in Israel and Netanyahu’s plan to delay proposed judicial overhaul. And in a new, emergency episode of On the Nose, editor-in-chief Arielle Angel, contributing editor Joshua Leifer, contributing writer Elisheva Goldberg, and Alex Kane discuss the latest developments in Israel and explore the origins of the Israeli right’s fixation on the judiciary.

Lessons From the Blast Radius
Drawing on the disorienting experience of becoming disabled, the artist Johanna Hedva explores the feeling of being out of sync with capitalist time.
Liz Bowen
Jamaal Bowman and Bernie Sanders Urge the Biden State Department to Investigate Israeli Use of US Weapons
A letter signed by eight other Democrats is congressional progressives’ most forceful response yet to Israel’s new far-right government.
Alex Kane
What’s Next for Netanyahu’s Judicial Overhaul?

After a protest surge and the delay of Netanyahu’s plan to gut the judiciary, +972 Magazine editor Edo Konrad discusses the prime minister’s likely next moves—and how the popular opposition relates to the fight for Palestinian freedom.

Alex Kane
Unpacking Israel’s Political Crisis

The team behind the Jewish Currents Tuesday Newsletter considers how the anti-occupation left views the Israeli protests and the roots of the Israeli right’s rage against the judiciary.