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Weekly Roundup - 3/27/23

This week: From the Rest issue, Charlie Tyson reviews a recent translation of Paul Lafargue’s satirical anti-work polemic from 1883, The Right to Be Lazy. In a new report, Arielle Isack takes stock of anti-racist organizing in the Jewish community.

From the newsletter, senior reporter Alex Kane analyzes how American anti-BDS legislation could penalize Israeli companies looking to protest the new Netanyahu government. Plus, in a new episode of On the Nose, associate editor Mari Cohen and fellow Dahlia Krutkovich are joined by guests Xandra Ellin and Hannah Srajer to unpack The Bachelor’s first serious engagement with Jewish identity.

Idlers of the World, Unite!

In Paul Lafargue’s irreverent 1883 pamphlet The Right to Be Lazy, satire is not a tool of glib mockery, but a utopian strategy for imagining another world.

Charlie Tyson
What Comes Next for Jews of Color Activism?
As Jewish institutions neglect the diversity commitments they made in 2020, anti-racism organizers experiment with new approaches.
Arielle Isack
The Other Movement to Divest from Israel
Experts on anti-BDS laws say the statutes could ensnare companies that pull out of Israel over the planned judicial overhaul.
Alex Kane
Two Paths for the Jewish Bachelor Contestant

Mari Cohen and Dahlia Krutkovich join guests Xandra Ellin and Hannah Srajer to discuss how The Bachelor's approach to featuring a Jewish contestant reveals the show's investment in Christian whiteness.