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Weekly Roundup - 3/21

This week: In a scoop, Alex Kane and Sam Levin report on an internal memo at the Anti-Defamation League that recommends ending police delegations to Israel. Nora Caplan-Bricker reviews Sheila Heti’s new novel, Pure Colour. An Eli Valley cartoon explores the recent controversy over Art Spiegelman’s Maus and how the graphic novel has always stood in contrast with a more Spielbergian vision of Jewish history. And in the latest episode of our staff podcast, On the Nose, Ari M. Brostoff, Jules Gill-Peterson, Meaghan Winter, and Laurie Bertram Roberts discuss the ongoing policy assault against trans people and abortion rights.

Plus, from the newsletter: Oksana Mironova and Ben Nadler talk to Russian anti-war protesters about the difficulty of challenging Vladimir Putin’s repressive regime. And Alex Kane reports on Israel’s renewed ban on permanent residency for Palestinian spouses of Israeli citizens.

Internal ADL Memo Recommended Ending Police Delegations to Israel Amid Backlash
The controversial program, now on pause, was characterized by senior staff as high cost and low reward.
Alex Kane and Sam Levin
Fables of Finitude

In Pure Colour, Sheila Heti asks what it would mean to love the stories that link us to the past without imagining that they will carry us into the future.

Nora Caplan-Bricker
An American Talisman
What kinds of Jewish stories would suit the Tennessee school board?
Eli Valley
The Assault on Trans and Reproductive Rights

Senior Editor Ari M. Brostoff, scholar Jules Gill-Peterson, journalist Meaghan Winter, and reproductive justice advocate Laurie Bertram Roberts discuss the recent wave of executive and legislative attacks on trans people and abortion rights.

Russia’s Anti-War Protesters Are Facing Unprecedented Repression
Putin’s regime is cracking down on the last vestiges of political dissent.
Oksana Mironova and Ben Nadler
Knesset Renews Permanent Residency Ban for Palestinian Spouses of Israeli Citizens
The controversial law is intended to protect a Jewish demographic majority.
Alex Kane