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Weekly Roundup - 3/20/23

This week: From the Rest issue, Erik Baker charts the history of the fight for bereavement leave and explores how grief arrests capitalism’s rhythms. Plus, culture editor Claire Schwartz introduces Jameson Fitzpatrick’s poem “Ingénue.”

From the newsletter, contributing editor Joshua Leifer examines the Biden administration’s lackluster response to Israel’s proposed judicial reforms. And from the staff, a curated collection of letters to the editor.

The Right to Grieve
To demand the freedom to mourn—not on the employer’s schedule, but in our own time—is to reject the cruel rhythms of the capitalist status quo.
Erik Baker
“What did the child dream of / back home in the provinces, / with nothing behind but landscape?”
Jameson Fitzpatrick
Biden Won’t Stop Netanyahu’s Judicial Coup
The US has diplomatic tools that could put pressure on Israel—but the president seems unlikely to use them.
Joshua Leifer
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