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Weekly Roundup - 3/13/23

This week: From the Rest issue, contributing writer Helen Betya Rubinstein reviews Tricia Hersey’s Rest Is Resistance and explores what it means for rest to be politically generative. In a new report, associate editor Mari Cohen and senior reporter Alex Kane analyze leaked audio from an Anti-Defamation League all-hands meeting last year, in which CEO Jonathan Greenblatt defends his choice to equate anti-Zionism with far-right extremism.

From the newsletter, contributing writer Elisheva Goldberg outlines how settler violence in the West Bank—like the recent attack on Huwara—is part and parcel of Israeli annexation. And in a new episode of On the Nose, contributing editor Joshua Leifer talks to journalist Hebh Jamal and lawyer Nadija Samour about Germany’s intensifying crackdown on Palestinian identity and activism.

Entering the DreamSpace
The new manifesto from the Nap Ministry’s Tricia Hersey argues for a vision of rest as politically generative. But what kind of resistance, really, is rest?
Helen Betya Rubinstein
greenblatt at the adl
ADL Staffers Dissented After CEO Compared Palestinian Rights Groups to Right-Wing Extremists, Leaked Audio Reveals
A special meeting called to answer internal critics shows that the ADL’s vocal opposition to the anti-Zionist left is controversial even within the organization.
Mari Cohen and Alex Kane
Huwara and the Dangers of Annexation
A destructive settler attack on the village of Huwara showcased the immediate effects of a further tilt toward legal Israeli annexation of the West Bank.
Elisheva Goldberg
The Trouble with Germany, Part II