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Weekly Roundup - 3/06/23

This week: From the Rest issue, Lyudmyla Khersonska reflects on the ordinary occurrences of life under siege. Sanders Isaac Bernstein reviews German poet and polemicist Max Czollek’s De-Integrate! and explores the limits of revenge as empowerment. Plus, Christian Wiman’s poem “So Trued to a Roar,” introduced by culture editor Claire Schwartz.

From the newsletter, senior reporter Alex Kane does a deep dive on Israeli raids on Palestinians in the West Bank. And Ben Lorber, who studies far-right extremism for Political Research Associates, critiques the Jewish communal reaction to last week’s would-be “Day of Hate.”

The Fragile Now
A Ukrainian poet reflects on the new ordinary.
Lyudmyla Khersonska
Shall We Not Revenge?
In his polemic against Germany’s “Theater of Memory”—which relegates Jews to bit parts in the nation’s redemption narrative—poet Max Czollek may have traded one melodrama for another.
Sanders Isaac Bernstein
So Trued to a Roar
“No answer, unless of leaves / acquiring light, and small lives / going about their business / of being less”
Christian Wiman
Israel’s Raids on Palestinian Cities: An Explainer
A closer look at the IDF operations that are intensifying violence in Israel/Palestine.
Alex Kane
Who Benefits When Jews Are Afraid?
In the lead-up to the recent Day of Hate, national Jewish defense organizations—along with media and law enforcement—played right into white supremacists’ strategy.
Ben Lorber