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Weekly Roundup - 12/19/22

This week: Alex Kane reports on Palestine’s central place in arguments about discipline and electoralism within the Democratic Socialists of America. Sophia Goodfriend goes to a counter-terror themed Israeli escape room offering participants a gamified taste of Israel’s military rule over Palestinians.

Plus, from the newsletter, Dana El Kurd examines how the World Cup in Qatar became a hub of activity for Palestine solidarity initiatives.

Palestine Is a Proxy Fight in a Fractious DSA
With a sizable gap between the left’s demand for Palestinian liberation and the pro-Israel tack of national politics, Palestine takes center stage in arguments about discipline and electoralism.
Alex Kane
The Gamified Occupation

A Fauda-themed escape room in Tel Aviv gives customers a taste of military rule.

Sophia Goodfriend
De-Normalizing Israeli Normalization at the World Cup
At the international soccer tournament, Qatari anti-normalization activists as well as ordinary spectators have put Palestinian solidarity in the spotlight.
Dana El Kurd