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Weekly Roundup - 11/13/23

This week: Read a tribute to Khalil Abu Yahia, a Palestinian writer and educator with a radical vision of solidarity who was killed by an Israeli airstrike in Gaza on October 30th, by Maya Rosen and Erez Bleicher.

Associate editor Mari Cohen reports on a controversy at the 92nd Street Y, where a commitment to pro-Israel politics is proving impossible to reconcile with a broader cultural mission. And on our On the Nose podcast, Rep. Cori Bush speaks to senior reporter Alex Kane about her calls for a ceasefire.

We are also sharing a poem, ‘[…]’ by Fady Joudah, with an introduction by culture editor Claire Schwartz.

Remembering Khalil Abu Yahia
The Gazan scholar and activist, who was killed in an Israeli airstrike last month, believed in the radical potential of solidarity.
Maya Rosen and Erez Bleicher
Crisis at the 92nd Street Y
A recent controversy suggests the post-October 7th political landscape will pose existential challenges for Jewish institutions trying to maintain pro-Israel politics alongside a broad cultural mission.
Mari Cohen
Cori Bush’s Ceasefire Plea
“They did not mean to kill the children. / They meant to.”
Fady Joudah