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Weekly Roundup - 11/06/23

This week: In a new set of dispatches assembled by Maya Rosen, three Palestinian doctors describe how the Israeli siege and bombardment is preventing them from providing life-saving care.

In an episode of our On The Nose podcast, associate editor Mari Cohen speaks to Elena Stein, Eva Borgwardt, and Emmaia Gelman about how Jewish left groups are bringing thousands of protestors into the streets.

Amid spiking fears over antisemitism, we are sharing editor-in-chief Arielle Angel’s 2022 essay arguing against the alluring politics of grievance. And, as Germany deepens its crackdown on pro-Palestine activity, we are sending you our summer 2023 responsa on the weaponization of Holocaust memory culture against Muslim communities.

“We Have Lost the Ability to Provide True Care”
Three doctors describe coping with fatal shortages and agonizing choices in Gaza’s overwhelmed hospitals.
Hammam Alloh, Yousef Al-Akkad, and Reda Abu Assi
A Surge in American Jewish Left Organizing

From the Archive

Beyond Grievance
Though it may be a potent political tool, grievance can also maintain our investment in our own oppression.
Arielle Angel
Bad Memory
Die Welt rühmt Deutschland für seine Aufarbeitung des Holocaust. Aber aus Vergangenheitsbewältigung ist ein Instrument der Ausgrenzung geworden.