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Weekly Roundup - 10/31/22

This week: Alex Kane chronicles decades-long debates about which kinds of violence constitute “terrorism.” Incarcerated journalist Christopher Blackwell reports on his prison’s selective use of Covid protections to deny prisoners visitation while profiting off of their labor.

From our Summer 2022 issue, Dylan Saba reflects on the (im)possibility of return from decades of Palestinian exile.

Lastly, we revisit Elie Lichtschein and Joey Ramona’s fantastically illustrated guide to the horrors of the Hebrew canon as a way of wishing you a happy Halloween!

When Is Violence “Terrorism”?
The use of the term to condemn Palestinian armed struggle raises questions about who gets to define it.
Alex Kane
“They’re Destroying Our Support Networks”
Under the guise of Covid protections, prisoners are denied family visits, yet forced to work through outbreaks.
Christopher Blackwell
Point of No Return
Palestinians cannot turn back the hands of time. But we might still imagine a world beyond exile.
Dylan Saba
Aaahh!!! Jewish Monsters
An illustrated guide
Elie Lichtschein