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Weekly Roundup - 10/30/23

This week: In a testimonial from the occupied West Bank, Mohammad Matar, an employee at the Palestinian Authority, shares his account of a brutal attack at the hands of Israeli settlers. In a new report, senior reporter Alex Kane lays out the formidable obstacles facing Palestinian rights activists as they aim to pressure Democrats to call for a ceasefire. And fellow Jonathan Shamir charts the unprecedented crackdown on pro-Palestine activism across Europe.

In an episode of our On the Nose podcast, editor-in-chief Arielle Angel talks to Michael Sfard, Sally Abed, and Yair Wallach about the state of the Israeli left in the aftermath of October 7th. We are also sharing a poem by Dionne Brand, “prologue for now – Gaza,” introduced by culture editor Claire Schwartz.

Amid efforts to criminalize chants of “from the river to the sea,” we are sending Yousef Munayyer’s 2021 piece explaining the meaning of the much-maligned slogan.

“The Settlers Can Do Whatever They Want With Us”
An employee of the Palestinian Authority testifies to a brutal attack at the hands of Israeli settlers in the West Bank.
Mohammad Matar
Calls for a Ceasefire Get Little Traction in Congress
Three weeks into Israel’s assault on Gaza, only about 10% of House Democrats have called for an end to the bombing.
Alex Kane
An Anti-Palestinian Crackdown Across Europe
European leaders are responding to growing pro-Palestine protests with an unprecedented wave of repression.
Jonathan Shamir
The Loneliness of the Israeli Left

Arielle Angel speaks with Michael Sfard, Sally Abed, and Yair Wallach about the Israeli left’s experience of October 7th and its aftermath.

prologue for now - Gaza
“I’ve taken this inventory before for all the ‘human animals’ ”
Dionne Brand

From the Archive

What Does “From the River to the Sea” Really Mean?
The much-maligned slogan resists the fragmentation of Palestinian land and people by Israeli occupation and discrimination.
Yousef Munayyer