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Weekly Roundup - 10/3/22

This week: For our Summer 2022 issue, Mari Cohen reports on the tensions roiling the academic discipline of Israel studies. On our podcast, Joshua Leifer speaks with two activists, Naftuli Moster and Frieda Vizel, on their contrasting visions for the future of Hasidic education. From the newsletter, Jael Goldfine interviews Ezra Furman about her new album All of Us Flames.

One last thing: G’mar chatima tova. We hope you have a meaningful Yom Kippur!

The Fight for the Future of Israel Studies
Donors view Israel studies as a vehicle for countering Palestine activism on campus. But many of the scholars they fund don’t toe the line.
Mari Cohen
Yeshiva Education

What’s at stake in the fight over secular education?

The Desperate Ones
Ezra Furman on anger, making songs for movements, and her messianic Jewish album about the end of empire.
Jael Goldfine