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Weekly Roundup - 10/17/22

This week: Alex Kane interviews scholar Dana El Kurd about Palestinians’ rising discontent with the Palestinian Authority. Jess Schwalb explains the stakes of the legal battle between Yeshiva University and the queer student club it banned. Alex Kane and Mari Cohen report on emerging rifts between pro-Israel groups over curbing Palestine activism at UC Berkeley.

From our Summer 2022 issue, Linda Kinstler reviews People Love Dead Jews and Jews Don’t Count, and Jenny Xie writes the poem “Red Puncta.”

For our podcast, Alex Kane speaks to Kholoud Balata and Miriam Marmur about Israel’s blockade and bombardment of Gaza.

The PA’s Faltering Authority
Palestinian opposition to the PA’s security coordination with Israel has risen to a level of intensity unseen since the Second Intifada.
Alex Kane
A Religious License to Discriminate?
Yeshiva University’s decision to ban a queer student club has sparked a lawsuit about discrimination at religious institutions.
Jess Schwalb
In Internal Memo, American Jewish Committee Blasts Op-Ed on “Jewish-Free Zones” at Berkeley Law
The group’s disavowal of an article written by Israel advocate Kenneth Marcus revealed tension over the best strategy to combat campus Palestine activism.
Mari Cohen and Alex Kane
Performative Utterances

In People Love Dead Jews and Jews Don’t Count, Dara Horn and David Baddiel inflame discourses that they claim to find disturbing.

Linda Kinstler
Red Puncta

What is the quality of a photograph that disturbs the border between image and viewer?

Jenny Xie
Gaza Under Blockade

Life under Israel's land, and sea blockade of the Gaza Strip