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Weekly Roundup - 07/01/24

This week: In a new explainer, senior reporter Alex Kane breaks down the political dynamics that have prevented a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

A group of cartoonists present a second volume of Safer in the Streets, a visual guide to combating the ever-evolving police tactics arrayed against protesters.

As the Supreme Court enables cities to ban homeless encampments, we are re-sharing Jesse Rabinowitz’s Rest issue conversation with activist Donald Whitehead about the escalating crackdowns against unhoused people in the US.

Why Ceasefire Talks Are Stuck
A breakdown of the political dynamics that have prevented a ceasefire in Gaza.
Alex Kane
How To
Safer in the Streets, Volume 2
A free, shareable tool for protesters illustrating best practices for dealing with the police.

From the Archive

Office Hours
Office Hours: Donald Whitehead
“Every time you break up a homeless encampment, you force people into isolation.”
Jesse Rabinowitz