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Weekly Roundup - 06/17/24

This week: Dana El Kurd interviews political scientist Diana B. Greenwald about her new book exploring the paradoxes of Palestinian local governance in the shadow of Israel’s occupation.

In the latest episode of our On the Nose podcast, managing editor Nathan Goldman, managing director Cynthia Friedman, contributing writer Raphael Magarik, and contributor Devin E. Naar discuss the challenges and potential of synagogue life for leftist Jews after October 7th.

After the extension of the Nova Music Festival Exhibition in New York City, we are also spotlighting Linda Kinstler’s April essay on how Israel’s weaponization of images from October 7th has fed a cycle of denial.

Self-Rule Without Sovereignty
Political scientist Diana B. Greenwald on the promises and pitfalls of Palestinian local governance in the shadow of Israeli occupation.
Dana El Kurd
Synagogue Struggles

From the Archive

Weaponization and Denial
Since October 7th, Israel’s use of evidentiary claims as justification for its devastation of Gaza has fed a countervailing strain of untruth.
Linda Kinstler