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Weekly Roundup - 06/10/24

An earlier version of this newsletter included a broken link to the survey below. We’re resending with the correct link. Apologies!

This week: In the latest episode of our podcast, On the Nose, editor-in-chief Arielle Angel, managing editor Nathan Goldman, JC councilmember Judee Rosenbaum, and contributing writer Mitch Abidor argue about our new parshah commentaries—and the the evolving role of religion on the Jewish left.

As India’s elections leave Hindu nationalists in power for a third consecutive term, albeit with a diminished majority, and as Israel drops Indian-made missiles on Gaza, we are sharing our 2023 podcast on the alliance between the two countries. And in light of Joe Biden’s draconian executive order on immigration, we are also sharing Greg Afinogenov’s 2019 essay making the Jewish case for open borders.

Before you go: For an upcoming article, we’re gathering stories from people who have left their jobs or memberships at Jewish organizations—schools, synagogues, arts organizations, etc.—over political differences since October 7th. If that describes you, fill out our survey at

Religion, Secularism, and the Jewish Left

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The Jewish Case for Open Borders
How center-left immigration proposals lead to far-right policy.
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