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Weekly Roundup - 06/03/24

This week: We are publishing June Jordan’s 1993 tribute to Audre Lorde, reflecting on their joint struggle in the ’60s student protests, with an introduction by Alexis Pauline Gumbs.

Four years on from the police killing of George Floyd—and the beginning of the Minneapolis uprising—we are sharing two pieces from the archive: a dispatch by managing editor Nathan Goldman and culture editor Claire Schwartz from the first week of protest in the Twin Cities, and Hannah Black’s essay on the history and potential of Black–Palestinian solidarity.

“In the Middle of Fighting for Freedom We Found Ourselves Free”
June Jordan’s 1993 tribute to Audre Lorde, her sister-in-arms from the ’60s student protests and beyond
Alexis Pauline Gumbs

From the Archive

Taking Care
In the Twin Cities over the past week, protesters refused the state’s mythic monopoly on care, and thus its thin alibi for its violence.
Nathan Goldman and Claire Schwartz
From Minneapolis to Jerusalem
On Black–Palestinian solidarity
Hannah Black

Before you go: For an upcoming article, we’re gathering stories from people who have left their jobs or memberships at Jewish organizations—schools, synagogues, arts organizations, etc.—over political differences since October 7th. If that describes you, fill out our survey at