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Weekly Roundup - 04/29/24

This week: In the most recent installment of our chevruta column, which pairs Torah scholars and leftist thinkers to explore a question through Jewish text, Rabbi Lexie Botzum and editor-in-chief Arielle Angel Jewish examine Jewish sources on self-sacrifice in light of Aaron Bushnell’s self-immolation for Gaza.

In the latest episode of our On the Nose podcast, Arielle Angel speaks to three Jewish student organizers from Barnard about their experiences at the Columbia Gaza Solidarity Encampment.

In light of this growing movement across college campuses—and it’s violent backlash—we are also sharing Eli Valley’s 2020 comic, “The Only Protest They’d Accept.”

Chevruta: Understanding Aaron Bushnell’s Sacrifice

An investigation through Jewish text, in the wake of Aaron Bushnell’s self-immolation for Gaza.

Jewish Organizing at Columbia’s Encampment

From the Archive

The Only Protest They’d Accept
Discussions over brunch.
Eli Valley