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Weekly Roundup - 04/15/24

This week: In a new essay, contributing writer Linda Kinstler argues that Israel’s use of October 7th images to justify destroying Gaza has undermined the status of evidence itself.

In a conversation with culture editor Claire Schwartz, literary scholar Saree Makdisi discusses the imperial logics structuring our present, and contemplates the horizon of future coexistence.

In the latest episode of our On the Nose podcast, editor-in-chief Arielle Angel, editor-at-large Peter Beinart, associate editor Mari Cohen, and publisher Daniel May discuss a recent spate of articles on campus antisemitism, and what their alarmist framing leaves out of view.

Ahead of Passover, we are sharing with you excerpts from a 1919 Haggadah published in Krakow-Podgorze by the Jewish Social Democrat Party, also known as the Galician Bund, that sought to turn the seder from a recounting of Jewish deliverance from Egypt into a call for socialist revolution.

Weaponization and Denial
Since October 7th, Israel’s use of evidentiary claims as justification for its devastation of Gaza has fed a countervailing strain of untruth.
Linda Kinstler
“Nothing Is Immutable”
Literary scholar Saree Makdisi discusses Zionism’s structures of denial, imperial racial logics, and the horizon of coexistence.
Claire Schwartz
Unpacking the Campus Antisemitism Narrative

From the Archive

Hagode shel Peysekh (with a Socialist Twist)
A translation of a 1919 Socialist Haggadah published by the Galician Bund.
Jewish Social Democrat Party