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Weekly Roundup - 04/01/24

This week: Senior reporter Alex Kane situates Chuck Schumer’s criticism of Benjamin Netanyahu within the new Democratic strategy of isolating the prime minister while still supporting Israel’s war on Gaza.

In the latest episode of our On the Nose podcast, editor-in-chief Arielle Angel, contributing writer Alisa Solomon, and artist-in-residence Fargo Nissim Tbakhi discuss The Ally, a new play about campus politics and liberal Jewish discomfort with left politics.

On the six-year anniversary of Gaza’s Great March of Return, we are also sharing Naomi Dann’s interview with one of the organizers of the mass grassroots uprising, Jehad Abusalim.

Chuck Schumer and Democrats’ New Line on “Netanyahu’s War”
The majority leader’s recent speech exemplifies his party’s effort to isolate Netanyahu and pacify voters without changing policy.
Alex Kane
Campus Politics Takes the Stage in “The Ally”

From the Archive

‘We Are Always Met With Violence’: Gaza’s March of Return At One Year
Activist Jehad Abusalim reflects on Gaza’s 2018 protests.
Naomi Dann