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Weekly Roundup - 03/11/24

This week: In our newsletter, senior reporter Alex Kane reports on how the Biden administration’s sanctions on individual Israeli settlers seek to placate a discontented electorate while avoiding a confrontation with Israel’s government.

Contributor Alex Press speaks to author Vincent Bevins about what today’s pro-Palestine protestors can learn from the global movements of the 2010s.

After another round of Democratic primaries, we are also sharing associate editor Mari Cohen’s 2020 responsa on how liberals must recognize the left as an indispensable partner for electoral victory.

Understanding Biden’s Settler Sanctions Strategy
The administration’s sanctions on Israeli settlers are an attempt to mollify its disillusioned base without confronting the Israeli government.
Alex Kane
“A Counterrevolution Always Comes”
Vincent Bevins on the lessons that the global mass protests of the 2010s hold for our moment.
Alex Press

From the Archive

Democrats Can’t Win Without the Left
Leftists recognize the need to work in coalition with liberals to fight the right. It’s time for liberals to reciprocate.
Mari Cohen