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Weekly Roundup - 03/04/24

This week: For the newsletter, contributor Dahlia Krutkovich and fellow Jonathan Shamir report on how Labour’s Keir Starmer has remade his party into a pro-Israel force to deflect mounting criticism of Israel’s war on Gaza.

In a comic essay, our new director of community engagement Solomon Brager explores the politics of Israeli hostage posters.

We are also sharing a poem, “Maqam for a Green Silence,” by Fady Joudah, with an introduction by culture editor Claire Schwartz.

Pro-Palestine Politics Hit a Wall in Keir Starmer’s Labour Party
The leadership of the UK’s main opposition party has managed to contain internal dissent over Israel’s war on Gaza.
Dahlia Krutkovich and Jonathan Shamir
Put Up, Take Down
A hostage poster diary comic
Solomon Brager
Maqam for a Green Silence
“Al-Khidr’s only condition for the prophet to join him on his journey was Moses’ unconditional silence. Moses said he was up for it, and the saint said, ‘You won’t be able to bear it.’ ”
Fady Joudah