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Weekly Roundup - 2/27/23

This week: From the Rest issue, Avi Garelick and Solomon Berger explore the 20th century coalition between rabbis and organized labor that led to the two-day weekend. Plus, in a new report, Michael Paul Berlin analyzes the disappointing outcome of last year’s graduate student workers strike at the University of California.

From the newsletter, contributing writer Joshua Leifer examines the socioeconomic and ethnic polarization that dominate Israel’s weekly demonstrations. And Avivah Stahl reports on organization Matir Asurim, which provides Jewish resources to people living behind bars.

In a new episode of On the Nose, senior reporter Alex Kane speaks with Palestinian activist Sally Abed and Iranian Israeli activist and writer Orly Noy about the politics of participation and representation in the Israeli protests to “save democracy.”

Illustrated Essay
The Fight for the Sabbath
The partnership between rabbis and labor that delivered the two-day weekend.
Avi Garelick
Little Bargains
The recent strikes at the University of California demonstrated the need to radically democratize the labor movement.
Michael Paul Berlin
Israel’s Class War Conservatives
The divide over the Netanyahu government’s “judicial overhaul” plan is defined less by ideological differences than a populist politics of resentment.
Joshua Leifer
Building Jewish Life Behind Bars
A new organization called Matir Asurim provides Jewish resources in prisons and resists the policing of Jewish identity.
Aviva Stahl
Representation and Exclusion at Israel’s Anti-Government Protests

Alex Kane talks to activists Orly Noy and Sally Abed about who the Israeli demonstrations against Netanyahu’s plan to weaken the Israeli Supreme Court are really for.