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Weekly Roundup - 02/26/24

This week: As Israel signals its intent to invade Rafah, three displaced Palestinians share their testimonies with fellow Jonathan Shamir about the unlivable conditions in the city.

On a new episode of On the Nose, news editor Aparna Gopalan talks to writer Siddhartha Deb, scholar Angana Chatterji, and activist Safa Ahmed about what India’s new Ram temple means for the country’s minorities.

Following the killing of Russian dissident Alexei Navalny, we are sharing a 2022 report by Oksana Mironova and Ben Nadler detailing the Putin regime’s crackdown on anti-war protesters.
“The Scenes in Rafah Are Straight From a Nightmare”
Three displaced Palestinians describe unlivable conditions in a city bracing for imminent Israeli invasion.
Zak Hania, Ahmed Totah, and Sameera Wafi
Hindu Nationalism’s New Temple

From the Archive

Russia’s Anti-War Protesters Are Facing Unprecedented Repression
Putin’s regime is cracking down on the last vestiges of political dissent.
Oksana Mironova and Ben Nadler