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Weekly Roundup - 2/13/23

This week: From the Rest issue, contributing editor Dylan Saba explores the tension between the politics of production and degrowth in his review of Climate Change as Class War and Half-Earth Socialism. In a new report, Jewish Currents fellow Dahlia Krutkovich examines the effects of a recent antisemitism investigation on Palestine advocacy in the United Kingdom’s largest student union. Plus, in an open letter to Ambassador David Satterfield, writer and researcher Tareq Baconi declines his invitation to the Baker Institute’s “Israel at 75” forum and explores the trap Palestinians often face in public life: engage in discussions premised on their own oppression or weather accusations of “rejectionism.”

From the newsletter, contributing writer Elisheva Goldberg explores the implications of the Israeli government’s proposal to revoke the residency rights for the families of those convicted of terrorism. And on a new episode of On the Nose, Editor-in-Chief Arielle Angel, contributing writer Rebecca Pierce, critic and essayist Jasmine Sanders, and writer and Know Your Enemy co-host Sam Adler-Bell discuss “You People,” Netflix’s new romantic comedy, and the Jewish communal reaction to the film.

Who Will Power the Climate Revolution?
Two new books exemplify divergent approaches to the climate crisis. But who are the revolutionary subjects positioned to enact them?
Dylan Saba
New Report Could Hamstring Palestine Advocacy in Britain’s Largest Student Organization
Long a platform for anti-Zionist politics in the UK, the National Union of Students has agreed to limit speech about Israel/Palestine.
Dahlia Krutkovich
The Trap of Palestinian Participation
An open letter considers the impossible choice facing Palestinians: Participate as a token in conversations premised on their oppression, or be branded rejectionists.
Tareq Baconi
Israeli Right Plans to Erode Palestinians’ Residency Rights
The right-wing security cabinet announced intentions to revoke fundamental benefits from families of those convicted of terrorism.
Elisheva Goldberg
You People