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Weekly Roundup - 02/05/24

This week: Associate editor Mari Cohen speaks to the editors of the new academic journal Palestine/Israel Review about their “relational approach” to studying the region’s intertwined history.

News editor Aparna Gopalan writes about how UAW’s endorsement of Joe Biden squandered leverage the union could have used to both support Palestinians and increase organized labor’s political power.

In the latest episode of our On the Nose podcast, Mari Cohen discusses the International Court of Justice’s interim ruling on South Africa’s genocide charge against Israel with human rights attorney and scholar Noura Erakat, legal scholar Darryl Li, and journalist Tony Karon.

We’re also sharing the sad news of the passing of Kathy Ottersten, the trans activist and ACT UP organizer whom Hannah Gold interviewed for us for our Fall 2023 issue. As a tribute to Ottersten’s life and work, we are re-sending that conversation on the importance of trans visibility, the history of harm reduction, and ACT UP’s organizing for needle exchange.

“You Cannot Study Israel Without Palestine”
A conversation with the editors of the new academic journal Palestine/Israel Review, which advocates a “relational approach” to studying the region’s intertwined histories.
Mari Cohen
What the UAW Ceded in Endorsing Biden
Union leaders have not only betrayed their ceasefire call, but also backtracked on their fight to redefine the labor movement as a truly political force.
Aparna Gopalan
Charging Israel with Genocide

From the Archive

Office Hours
Kathy Ottersten
“You take the risk to save lives. Maybe that’s how you love people.”
Hannah Gold