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Weekly Roundup - 1/30/23

This week: Mari Cohen explores how pro-Israel interest groups pressured financial firm Morningstar Inc., which rates investments on social responsibility, into blunting assessments of companies operating in the occupied territories.

From the newsletter, Alex Kane reports on the Office of Civil Rights’s non-decision on the IHRA and campus antisemitism. And Joseph Leone examines the climate for Palestine activism at the Harvard Kennedy School in light of Human Rights Watch Chief Ken Roth’s fellowship scandal.

In the latest installment of On The Nose, Rebecca Pierce and Jewish Currents editors review The Fabelmans and Armageddon Time, Oscar contenders that wrestle with the drama of 20th-century American Jewish family life.

How a Giant of Responsible Investing Agreed to an Israel Exception
After a multi-year campaign by Jewish groups, Morningstar—a major firm known for socially responsible investing—is softening its approach to Israeli human rights abuses.
Mari Cohen
Biden’s Education Department Delays Defining Campus Antisemitism
To the relief of Palestinian-rights advocates, the department’s Office for Civil Rights did not adopt the controversial IHRA definition of antisemitism this past December.
Alex Kane
The Harvard Kennedy School’s Anti-Palestinian Bias
The elite institution reversed course on refusing a fellowship to a prominent Israel critic, but for students, its suppression of Palestine speech is ongoing.
Joseph Leone
Fables and Lies

Rebecca Pierce joins Jewish Currents editors to discuss the visions of 20th-century American Jewish family life in Oscar contenders The Fabelmans and Armageddon Time.