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Weekly Roundup - 1/09/23

This week: From the Rest issue, Bench Ansfield returns the term “burnout” to its origins in the social science of urban crisis. Plus, Peter Cole’s poem “As:.”

From the newsletter, Alex Kane reports on how civil society groups are working to expedite the International Criminal Court’s investigation of war crimes in Israel/Palestine. And art historian Stanislaw Webel talks with artist Evgeniy Fiks and curator Maria Veits about the Yiddishland Pavilion, their guerrilla project at this year’s Venice Biennale, which explored anti-nationalist politics via diasporic artistic traditions.

Edifice Complex
Restoring the term “burnout” to its roots in landlord arson puts the dispossession of poor city dwellers at its center.
Bench Ansfield
“the light of beginning which hasn’t yet been / in rivers of letters running through words”
Peter Cole
The International Court of Last Resort
Human rights groups are pressuring the International Criminal Court to prosecute war crimes in Israel/Palestine.
Alex Kane
Yiddishland at the Venice Biennale
Yevgeniy Fiks and Maria Veits discuss the Yiddishland Pavilion, which brought transnational diasporic Jewish art—and anti-nationalist politics—to the Venice Biennale.
Stanislaw Welbel