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Weekly Roundup - 01/08/24

This week: In a new feature, Maya Rosen shows how Israel’s war on the Gaza Strip is unleashing an epidemiological crisis that could prove far more lethal than bombs.

Senior reporter Alex Kane and associate editor Mari Cohen publish an exclusive scoop on a high-profile executive’s resignation from the Anti-Defamation League in protest of CEO Jonathan Greenblatt’s praise of Elon Musk.

In the latest episode of our On The Nose podcast, news editor Aparna Gopalan speaks to historian Jeff Schuhrke, organizer Zaina Alsous, and journalist Alex Press about the labor movement’s efforts to confront its complicity in Israeli and American militarism.

In light of South Africa’s decision to file suit against Israel in the International Court of Justice—arguing that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza—we are also sharing Alex Kane’s report on past attempts by human rights groups to hold Israel accountable for war crimes.
The Epidemiological War on Gaza
Disease is poised to become an even deadlier second front in Israel’s assault on the besieged Strip.
Maya Rosen
Top Executive Leaves ADL Over CEO’s Praise of Elon Musk
Yaël Eisenstat’s departure is the most prominent instance of post-October 7th dissent within the organization.
Mari Cohen and Alex Kane
Labor’s Palestine Paradox

From the Archive

The International Court of Last Resort
Human rights groups are pressuring the International Criminal Court to prosecute war crimes in Israel/Palestine.
Alex Kane