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TOMORROW! Join us for "The Talmud and Other Trans Archives"

TOMORROW: Tuesday, December 6th, 7 pm Eastern

The shapes of trans lives, identities, and cultures are changing rapidly. The term transgender is itself just a few decades old, and exists in a web of ideas about sex and gender that only calcified in the 20th century. At the same time, people who deviated from social conventions of what we would now call sex or gender—people we might see as ancestors of trans people today—have always existed. What happens when we look for them in ancient texts? How might we think about trans continuity in our cultural archives, without coercing ancestors into contemporary categories? Join Max Strassfeld—whose recent book, Trans Talmud, investigates the androgynes and eunuchs who appear throughout the foundational Jewish text—along with scholars Jules Gill-Peterson and Joy Ladin, for a conversation on reading the trans archive today, moderated by Jewish Currents editor Ari M. Brostoff.

PS. There are two upcoming in-person events in the NYC area that we want to put on your radar:

  • This Sunday, December 11th, Jewish Currents will be tabling at the New York Jewish Book Festival from 10am to 6pm. Stop by and say hi!
  • Next Saturday night, December 17th, join Jewish Currents and Black Ox Orkestar for a night of music and celebration! Come for schmoozing, dancing, and—if you’d like to hear the awesome performance—you can purchase tickets to the concert here.